Trinity Lutheran Church & Pre-School   New Hyde Park,  NY

Lutheranism is a major branch of Western Christianity that identifies with the teachings of the sixteenth-century German reformer Martin Luther. Luther’s efforts to reform the theology and practice of the Roman Catholic Church launched the Protestant Reformation and, though it was not his original intention, left Western Christianity divided.

The split between Lutherans and the Roman Catholic Church arose mainly over the doctrine of justification before God. Specifically, Lutheranism advocates a doctrine of justification “by grace alone through faith alone because of Christ alone.” Distinct from Protestant churches, Lutherans have retained many of the sacramental understandings and liturgical practices of the pre-Reformation Church.

Today, millions (LWF reports 66.2 million) belong to Lutheran churches worldwide.Type your paragraph here.

Visiting Trinity

Entering the Church
Our parking lot is behind the church building. The lot can be accessed from Lawrence Ave. You may enter the building through the door in the rear or through the glass doors in the front. A handicap accessible ramp is found on the south side of the building.

Our Service
Our liturgy is easy to follow. We follow the basic order of service that is familiar to Christians from many backgrounds. Our service is printed in our user-friendly hymnal: The Lutheran Service Book. For those who are familiar with the hymnal, we typically use Setting One of the Divine Service which is the same musical setting from The Lutheran Hymnal.

Your Children
We encourage parents to worship with their children regardless of age. In the event that your child becomes restless, please feel free to take your child to the Walther Room, which is located in the front of the building. Hymnals and bulletins will be provided in the room so that you will be able to follow the service as you tend to the needs of your child. If you are communing with us, please come forward at the appropriate time. 

Can I take Communion?
Holy Communion is a central to Christian worship. The Sacrament is offered in the Lutheran church on every Sunday and festival day. It is the gift of the very Body and Blood of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin, and it is also a sign of our unity in the faith. We ask that new visitors speak with the pastor before receiving communion.

Becoming a member of Trinity is easy. One can become a member through Baptism, Confirmation, or through transfer from any other church from within our international fellowship (International Lutheran Council). New member instruction classes are held annually, and all are invited to attend.