Trinity Lutheran Church & Pre-School   New Hyde Park,  NY


There is non-refundable registration fee of $100, includes insurance coverage. 

Tuition is based on the school year 9/12/16 through 6/6/17. Tuition will consist of 10 payments and is due on the first of each month. There will be a $20 late fee on all payments received after the 5th of the month. A $20 fee will be charged for any returned checks. (Checks payable to Trinity Lutheran Church)

I understand that my first tuition payment will be two months of tuition and is due on April 15th, 2016. If this tuition payment is not received by that date, I understand that my child's reservation may not be held. Tuition envelopes will be provided for the months of October 2016 through May 2017. The "upfront" payment will be applied towards the first and last tuition payments with 8 payments remaining.

Withdrawal/Refund Policy: After we receive your upfront tuition and wish to withdraw, written notification must be sent to Trinity Preschool. If you withdraw before 8/1/16, one month tuition is non refundable. If you withdraw after 8/1/16, two months tuition is non refundable. While attending our school, Trinity Preschool must receive written notification 30 days prior to withdrawing your child.

I understand that my child should be toilet trained. The Student Information Sheet must completed and returned to school by 8/26/16. The Medical Form must be completed (with all immunizations required) and returned no later than the first day of school (9/12/16).

Trinity New Hyde Park Lutheran Church and Preschool is committed to providing a significant and effective early childhood education to the younger seeds of our generation. To serve the church, we believe, is also to cultivate the young minds who will guard our future, and so, a solid foundation needs to be established in their early years of life. 

Our Preschool education caters to children of 3 to 4 years of age. Our curriculum specifies the activities to be performed, still following the contours of a constructivist education, and the target of the efforts are well-specified.

Just as well, we have prepared a whole new world of stimulating experiences that enhance their whole being, not just mentally, but soulfully. We integrate early love for the immortal values of patience, responsibility, respect, and righteousness, modeled and practiced in their daily engagements in the classroom.

At Trinity New Hyde Park Lutheran Church and Preschool, parents take an equal part in educating their child. We highly encourage participation, feedbacking, and any support we can gain in order to build a flexible and just path for our early learners. 

A pleasant and enjoyable Christian experience awaits your little one at Trinity New Hyde Park Lutheran Church and Preschool. Open his/her world to new possibilities today, together with the guidance and blessing of the Holy Spirit. Enroll them now (form below)

Under the direction and administration of Trinity Lutheran Church, Trinity Preschool is committed to providing a significant and effective early childhood education to the youngest generation.

We have prepared a world of stimulating experiences that enhance their whole being, not just mentally, but spiritually. We encourage children to embrace basic moral values including patience, responsibility and respect, which is modeled and practiced through daily interaction in the classroom.

At Trinity Preschool, parents are encouraged to take an active role in educating their child through feedback and any participation that will help foster a flexible pathway to learning.

A loving Christian environment awaits your little one at Trinity Preschool! Together, we can open his/her world to new possibilities! Enroll now!

Read what some of our parents are saying about the program at Trinity Preschool:

My daughter’s first two days of school have been absolutely great! She enjoyed every moment of it and talks non-stop of how much her teachers love her! She’s a very shy girl, but to my surprise, she has acclimated well with the rest of the class, which I noticed while in the Observing Room.”

Our son made an easy transition into Kindergarten, both socially and academically. We attribute this to his two great years of preparation from Trinity Preschool. He still sings many of the songs he learned and made so many new friends that he now has play dates with. Thanks so much for all he learned and for such a caring staff!”

I am so glad that we found Trinity Preschool as I have visited quite a few other preschools and didn’t really get a good impression…I feel very comfortable leaving our daughter in your care and most of all because it is a Christian environment.