Trinity Lutheran Church & Pre-School   New Hyde Park,  NY

At Trinity Preschool, the focus is on your child’s primary areas of development: language arts and literacy, mathematics, science, social and emotional development, gross and fine motor development and character education. All our activities incorporate learning experiences that strengthen memory, hand-eye coordination, and perceptual development. We teach and reinforce colors, shapes, sizes, numbers, letters, and writing. In addition to a comprehensive curriculum, our children learn of God’s love for them through Bible stories and songs at “Jesus Time” during the school week. Your child will learn many things in a warm and loving Christian environment.

To assist parents in their transition and separation from their child, Trinity Preschool offers exclusive use of an Observation Room. This room offer parents the opportunity to observe their child in the classroom setting without disrupting the flow of the day’s normal routine. Use of this room is available by appointment for the first two weeks of school during the month of September.

Tours of the preschool can be set up by appointment

Linda Mather
Preschool Director/Teacher
Phone # : 516-354-9050
Fax: 631-884-9175
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